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Glokal Advertising is a hyper local advertising agency based out of Mumbai. We are mapping out of the box non traditional mediums for advertising and allowing our clients to directly interact with their potential customers. Currently we are operating more than 15 cities including all metros. We are effectively providing support for Society Advertising, Corporate Park Activations, Mall Activations, Petrol Pump Activities and lot of other non traditional BTL.
Glokal Advertising is a leading company in hyper local advertising. We have currently operations in all major cities. We are leading agency in corporate activities. We also have evolved in other BTL mediums like mall activation, petrol pump activation, car tagging, bike tagging. We have the largest society network across nation for RWA advertising.
Promoting product OR services in corporate parks is always a part of hyper local promotion. Corporate parks have footfalls from all income groups and specially have proportionately larger youth. Brands can interact with people from all segments. We recently promoted one of our client from Service Industry Google's India Head office in Hyderabad. For more such updates follow us here or write us